Online Courses

Allure Wellbeing have partnered with Yoga Download to bring Yoga into your home.

If you want to practice every day and want some structure then these downloads can add that focus.

We recommend that you try and attend classes with others, but understand that this is not always possible or that could be limited to once or twice a week – even if there is a class somewhere nearby. Bringing the practice to you at home can help make Yoga a daily practice.

Also great for keeping up your practice when away from home – on holiday perhaps, or a business trip somewhere. No need to park your practice when you can have a structured session wherever and whenever you want.

Free online yoga

Yoga Download classes bring the experience of diverse and talented teachers around the world, and is adding new teachers every week. Quality instruction is now accessible and portable, maintaining the highest technical standards.

All Yoga Download classes are recorded, edited and mastered in a professional recording studio, creating optimal sound quality designed for your portable audio player and DVD. Additionally, each class is accompanied by original music, created by professional artists and producers, to help you stay focused and find your flow.

Download Yoga Classes Online