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Towards a Softer World

The late 1960’s was a dangerous time for proponents of the traditional stereotype.

Although that spirit of ’68 was fairly curtailed by the mid 70’s and brushed aside by the Reagan/Thatcher years of the 1980’s, there were enough hippies who transformed into Capitalists in order to begin to shape things a little differently.

Thankfully some of that thinking is still there and I believe that the ethos of kindness and giving back is growing again.

Even the most hard-necked Capitalists understand that they have to soften the edges of Sales Campaigns and the adding of Value is now at the centre of the most successful marketers. By value we don’t just mean monetary, we mean really offering something of worth.

It’s almost like progressive thinking was at rest for a few decades. Of course, there were champions out there plugging away, but the mainstreaming has only emerged again very recently 

Just look at the success of Richard Branson. With a strong emphasis on the employee and giving value, smiling and the abandonment of the neck tie (thank heavens!) The wealth creating role model is in transition.

Ok, so there are some that would say that wealth creation has had to become part of the hippy culture for it to gain enough acceptance to influence business, but listen carefully to how we are now defining wealth. Wealth and Wellbeing now work well in the same sentence. Has a better ring than Wealth and Power.

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So, to avoid trends slipping backwards we have to consolidate the value centric approach in this broad way and continue to soften society so that cooperation always trounces confrontation. An acceleration of business models that place value top of the agenda with as much giving as taking and doesn’t want to leave people behind.

Peace, love and happiness are just articulated a little differently thesedays and not so much through a purple haze, but it is out there and that’s where we need to be….man.

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Meditation in Motion

It’s not easy to meditate and it’s not easy to run. 

At least that has been my experience.  Nevertheless, I do both and miss them when I don’t do them. Thankfully I have managed to set myself in the habit of doing both. As it happens they are intrinsically linked in my routine.  

I had been lucky enough to practice some Yoga back in the 90’s with a teacher from Yorkshire. Long story for another day.  Suffice to say the class was inspiring enough for me to (nearly) follow through on the quite extensive British Wheel of Yoga Teaching Training course.  I didn’t alas and I moved on.

Jumping ahead a couple of decades and I joined a Chen Style Tai Chi class in Galway. I studied with the zeal of the convert for 3 years. Again, I moved on. Other stuff. 

Long story short is that I have absolutely no excuses when it comes to knowing what I should do to be centred, focussed and enlightened. Yet, I spent many years not adhering to the very basic tenets of these skills and was far from centred, focussed and certainly could have done with a dollop of enlightenment.

When you know what tools are available to help and that it only takes a moment’s thought to implement them and yet you don’t, then for sure you are not in a good place.

So, I resolved to get into a better place. 

You can change your life in an instant. The fact that I had a rough idea what to do to helps.

So, enough about me for a second. Everybody should consider some basic building blocks to mind themselves each and every day.  There is so much more information out there then there was when I found myself in Yorkshire – many miles from where I was raised – in a fortuitous situation.  There are all sorts of meditation techniques and practices and a Yoga teacher on every corner (well, you catch my drift.)

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Oh yes.  The Motion bit. I also like to maximise the ‘me’ time, especially in the early morning.  The ‘Power Hour’ as Tony Robbins calls it. I have learned to incorporate meditative practice into a morning Run.  The Meditation does have to compete with various podcasts and occasional music, but all of that is geared towards aiding the positive mind and starting the day in the best possible way.

In that way, from rising at 5.30am until 9am I have managed to cover stillness, meditation, exercise and used that focused time to complete the more creative aspects of my daily work routine. All before the volume starts to grow and it all gets a bit busy.

I write this, like a lot of us do, to continue to focus myself as much as share a healthy routine with others that may get something from it.

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